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BT Yahoo! Premium Mail Upgrade

BT Yahoo! Premium Mail

  • Sign up today and get the 1st month FREE.
  • 2 GB of mail storage!
  • Configure your email account to work with Outlook Express (POP/SMTP)
  • 5 mail adresses
  • Spam/Junkmail blocker/premium email anti-virus tool
  • 5000 entry address book and a full featured calendar
  • Helpdesk support
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BT NetProtect - AntiVirus & Firewall

AntiVirus and Firewall protection for your PC Net Protect is a full managed AntiVirus and Firewall software, based on the award winning McAfee and Black Ice Defender products, which are designed to protect your PC from Viruses and security attacks.
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BT NetBackup

NetBackup offers you the ability to secure your files, photos and data remotely, this is an automatic process every time you go online. No more worrying about losing your data if your computer ever crashes, gets stolen or accidental deletion of files.
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  • Add all the Premium mail features (see opposite) to your Talk21 email account
  • Send/receive email using Outlook Express (POP/SMTP)
  • You get 4 additional addresses with
  • To upgrade, select the "Upgrade to Premium Mail" link on your BT Yahoo My Account page. (Your Talk21 email address will remain unchanged)

BT Yahoo!Get BT Yahoo! Internet

Whether you want Pay-as-you-go dial access or broadband always on. BT Yahoo! offers a range of flexible internet access options with leading content and a customized experience.
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